Tuesday, 11 July 2017

What do I really want?

What do I really want? 

- I want to feel content in myself
- I want to enjoy myself without the constant mind chatter
- I want to believe in myself more
- I want to stop being so darn hard on myself
- I want to know that I am a good mother/wife and actually believe it
- I want to stop doubting and second guessing myself
- I want to speak my truth
- I want to be able to stand up to my parents
- I want to sleep through the night without nightmares
- I want to enjoy sex more
- I want to help others feel good about themselves
- I want to feel good about myself
- I want to publish a book
- I want to make money from writing
- I want to be proud of myself
- I want to accept myself for who I am
- I want to be LOVE!

What do you really really want?

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