Thursday, 4 September 2014

DIY - Paint Splattered Penpal Stationery

After weeks of heavy on/off rain here in Sydney, Sunday's amazing warm sun was such a welcome change and it was inviting me to come outside and play. 
I've got a few penpals now and I'm loving this snailmail revival that's going on. It's refreshing to connect without technology and go back to pen and paper. 
I wanted to send my penpals something special and unique so I thought I would create my own stationery. 
All you need is some paint (I'm using poster paint), paintbrushes, writing paper and envelopes. Set yourself up somewhere you can be messy. I laid out towels and plastic bags on the grass in our backyard.

Pick the colours you would like to paint with, dip in a paint brush and getting flicking. It's as simple as that. You can even get more creative and use an old toothbrush which gives a whole different effect again. 

The end result is fantastic, something different and it's differently one of a kind each piece of notepaper. 

I even had some fun painting scenes onto envelopes. I'd love to know what the postman thinks when he see this. 

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