Monday, 3 February 2014

DIY - Peppa Pig Cookies

Yesterday was my niece's 2nd birthday and my niece loves Peppa Pig. So as a request from my sister-in-law I set out to make dairy-free Peppa Pig cookies as she wanted them to go with the Peppa Pig birthday cake she was making.

I used a Donna Hay gingerbread cookie recipe and substituted dairy-free butter as my little niece is dairy intolerant. I had the adults saying "we want these cookies, they're too good for the kids" - that's a good complement.

I bought a Peppa Pig cookie cutter at my local cake decorating shop then I coloured some white fondant pale pink and use the cookie cutter to cut out Peppa's face. I then used a piping tip to cut out some darker pink circle for Peppa's checks and used white fondant for her eyes. For Peppa's pupils I used black edible marker and red writing icing (bought at Woolworths) for Peppa's mouth.

It didn't take me long to create Peppa and I'm pleased that they looked very much like Peppa Pig and let's just say the birthday girl was very happy, which that was the main thing.

My sister-in-law did an awesome job on the cake

For gingerbread recipe see here

This is what we bought the gorgeous little girl for her birthday.

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