Friday, 30 November 2012

Day 30 - On the wall

We bought this painting in Prague back in 2010. It was the painting that started MJ's love affair with collecting paintings throughout the trip of Europe and England. They are all looking so great on our wall finally after all this time packed away.

End of November

Today is November 30th. Then end of the month. Only one month left of the year. It sure doesn't feel like December/Christmas season yet to me, hopefully once the tree is up on Sunday it will.

Today is the last day of photo a day (will post photo later) for November. I've been deciding if I want to do it again next month. I almost wasn't going to as I have found another daily challenge I'm very interested in.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Day 28 - Vehicle

Today's picture of a vehicle is bought to you by Utah Jazz basketball team. MJ loves NBA basketball and the team he supports is Utah Jazz. It's hard to get much Utah stuff out here in Australia so when this little matchbox car was spotted in a junk box at a school fete for only $2 we just had to buy it.

Cupcake Class - Baby Shower

I'm up early again this morning to do a post before work as it was so late coming home from cupcake class last night. The heavens decided to open up not long before I was due to leave, so driving home in a car with cupcakes in pitch blackness with heavy rain and lighting everywhere I drove quite slowly. So the trip took long to get home but I got home.

I'm not overly fussed on tonight cupcakes I was looking forward to the theme but came home a little disappointed with the results. I do like the rattle but not really fussed on the others and not at all with the baby feet cupcake. I'd say if I had more time and not so rushed (we were running slow at the start last night) I'd get some better results but it was quite warm in the room and fondant was very soft to work with.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Day 27 - Tree

Today's photo was tree. I didn't have time before leaving for class tonight and it was raining too plus I kinda forgot. So when I got home tonight I thought about it and got out our Christmas cookie tree kit. Every year for the past about 8 years MJ and I build and create this cookie tree for Christmas. It's such a fun tradition each year and I'm looking forward to it again this year.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Weekend Roundup

Another weekend again is over and another week has started. It feels like only yesterday I was writing last weekend's roundup. Oh well.

Much done again and not so much done too. Thursday afternoon after work was spent napping with Mischa and watching cricket but I did get up to go to Zumba. Friday was productive with the fruit market etc. Saturday was spent watching DVDs with a friend and MJ getting new/used furniture for our house (dining table and tv unit - thanks MJ's Grandma) and some gardening (the place looks so much better) and Saturday night was successful cooking of a gluten-free/dairy-free lasagne . Yeah I can finally eat lasagne again and not get sick = Awesome. Sunday morning was spent at church and then afterwards Christmas shopping, only 2 gifts left to go. MJ did get a new toy to play with - Blower Vac to suck all the leaves up from the garden. Thank you Big W for ringing up Vac for only $50 and not the advertised $98 - woo hoo!!!! He had to use it straight away but did wait till the day had cooled off a bit considering it was 35 degrees.

MJ's new toy

This week much ahead - cupcake class tomorrow night, parents over for dinner Wednesday night, babysitting niece and nephew Friday and MJ's work Christmas party Friday night and then an awesome weekend - more on that later.

Hope you are all going well and have a super week - what are you all up to?

Day 26 - In The Cupboard

In my cupboard. Well I had many cupboards to choose from so I decided my board game cupboard and as you can see there is an Angry Birds theme going in our house. We have a few games now. The card game is quite fun. Also the official knock em down game and then 2 unofficial knock em down from MJ's brother for Christmas last year when he went to China - very sweet of him.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Day 24 - A sound you heard

The sound I heard today was laughter  - from my friend and myself while watching romantic comedies. So much fun!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Fruitless/Fruitful Friday

5:00am alarm turns on. I'm up at this time of the day I haven't been awake at 5am in I can't remember. I've decided to go to the fruit/flower markets this morning. I wanted to see if I could save money and get more fruit.

Day 23 - Black

This beautiful moulded record was given to me by a dear friend of mine when we moved house back in May (the first move this year). When we moved again last month (for the second time this year) I made sure to get it out straight away and find a place for it. It now lives near our front door to store all our bits, like sunnies, wallets, phones etc. Every time I see it I'm reminded of the thoughtfulness of my friend.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Day 22 - Grateful

I'm grateful for so many things in my life as I've been truly blessed but today I was very grateful for my 2.5 hour nap on the couch curled up with Mischa and the cricket. Just a perfect way to end my work week and man did it refresh me heaps.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Day 21 - What you wore

I decided to take 2 photos but I merged them into one photo. The photo on the left is what I wore to coffee with my friends tonight after work and a splendid time was had by all. I love this yellow top, Don't worry be happy. Just what I needed to read after the week I've been having with work (yeah only half a day left for the week). The photo on the right is me all nice and comfy dressed after a warm shower in my pjs. As you can see I love Angry Birds and this top is so soft, i found it at Jays Jays in the sale bin for only $3. I bought the London Tube boxers in London when I was there back in 2010. They are so comfy to wear and look stylish too. Pjs are the best clothes to wear.

Day 20 - Work/Play and Cupcake Class

Yes it's 6:20am and I've gotten up early to write this before work. I came home last night after cupcake class very tired and just didn't have the energy to type so I thought I'd force myself up and post it now.

Day 20 - Work/Play

I decided to post my cupcakes from last night, cause I know they are play but it would be nice if they were work. I love blogging and playing around with craft and cooking it would be nice if it was considered work not just play.

Cupcake class:

Last night was five Halloween cupcakes and one Christmas cupcake. I think they have turned out wonderfully. They were all so simple again and yet so effective.

This little Christmas tree was so much fun. What makes it stand up is a mini ice-cream cone that was then piped over with a star tip in green buttercream then covered with 100s and 1000s. So effective.

Our little Halloween monster. Our teacher was saying if you just coloured him a little different he could easily look like a few different Sesame Street characters. He was really simple just some black icing iced flat on the bottom half and green icing piped zig zagged on the top, 2 fondant eyes and a few teeth pipped along. I wonder if he'll bite me when I bite him.

This mummy was buttercream with black icing smeared across the centre, yellow eyes on top and then strips of while fondant wrapped over - done!!!

Gross looking blood shot eye. Very easy just a blob of yellow fondant for the eye and black icing and then just red icing piped around to look all blood shot.

Spiders web. Buttercream fully frosted first and then red icing gel piped to look like a bullseye and then drag a toothpick through for the web effect. A little black icing and red for the redbacked spider. The teacher suggested using the spider rings you can buy at Halloween time and stick them in instead of piping the spider, it gives a different effect.

Little vampire boy. He looks cute even though he could kill you. Just green buttercream fully frosted and then black icing to make a smiley face and then pipe some black hair then two teeth and using red gel a little blood from his lunch.

They are all so cute and so easy and fun to make and looks so effective. Next week we are making baby shower cupcakes - that's going to be fun.

Till next time - bye

Monday, 19 November 2012

Weekend Roundup

Another weekend over and a new week has started. What a productive weekend. Thursday was Christmas shopping, Friday cardmaking, Saturday was cake decorating Christmas party, Saturday night was the Senior Pastor's farewell at our church and Sunday was spent setting up my birthday dolls and breakables and further sorting and setting up of my craft room, we also had the plumber come round to put in a new dishwasher and a new toilet cistern plus the fixed the leaky sink too.

Cake decorating had their yearly Christmas party, so the demos were obviously Christmas themed. I won one of the cupcakes (the one with the Santa hat) and bought that home to MJ who took one bite and threw it in the bin (taste disgusting).

The one I bought home

Sunday was spent further tidying up the place. I set up my birthday dolls quite nicely and my craft room is coming along (no picture till its finished). The plumber turned up and we got a new dishwasher (yeah) and they fixed the leaky toilet and sink (double yeah). They were here for 4 hours on a Sunday (don't want to know that cost).

Well another week started and it's my longer week of work this week. Cupcakes again tomorrow night and maybe even putting the Christmas tree up this week (we'll see what happens).

Have a good week.

Day 19 - Something Awesome

My awesome thing today - my cake decorating magazine arrived in the post. I love collecting this series.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Day 18 - Happened over the weekend

We got a new dishwasher. The one we had was blocked and the landlords bought us a new one. That was nice of them, we don't mind as we didn't pay for it.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Day 17 - The last thing you bought

The last thing I bought was on Thursday at Koorong. Mum and I went out to West Ryde Koorong Christian bookstore for some Christmas shopping and while there I got into the Christmas mood and bought 4 Christmas cds. I love Christmas carols so adding these 4 to my collection will really give it a good boost.

Friday, 16 November 2012


It was cardmarking day at the scrapbook shop again. I love going there once a month, it's so nice to do something by myself and share it was MJ when I get home.

Today's cards are so pretty. Black and White theme, some of them would make wonderful wedding cards. The cardstock is BoBunny collection and then it's just other odds and sods attached to complete the look.

This card is folded gate fold to meet in the centre

This one is my favourite

I'm going to give this one to MJ for Valentine's Day next year

Day 16 - View from your window

This was my view at breakfast this morning from my dining room table. Our garden (yeah I have a garden)!!!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Day 15 - In your bag

In my bag - my black handbag cops a beating. It's used most days and is always filled. My normal collection includes my Roxy wallet, my Nokia phone (I don't have great technology), my diary (I'd be so lost without it), my sunnies, a pen, Lucas Paw Paw Ointment to keep my lips moist, hand cream as I get dry hands often, a Muesli bar as I need to keep my sugar levels in balance, hand sanitiser, hair brush with a built in mirror and toilet sanitiser spray as its always handy to have. I also pop my camera in every now and then as you never know what may happen.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Day 14 - Man Made

MJ built this model of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. Pretty impressive!

100 Post Special

100 Posts - Awesome I can't believe I did it so to celebrate I wanted to post something special today.

Why did I start this blog?

I wanted to start this blog originally because I’ve got a boring job in data entry and wanted something else to focus on and get me out of that boredom and tiredness. Since then I’ve realised now it’s for more reasons. I love being creative and doing fun things but never seem to have the motivation or the drive, well since starting my 101 things in 1001 days list and blogging about it I now really seem to have the motivation and drive I wanted and the focus to keep going. I think it’s because I feel in a way accountable now and I see this blog as a digital scrapbook to see through my process.

But since I’ve started this blog one other thing has really keep me going and that's I’ve got the support of my husband MJ. MJ is always up for me trying new things and doing things but most of the time he points out the faults and flaws of my ideas, which is his way of protecting me from getting my hopes up and hurt and as he puts it he's putting some ‘logic’ back into my magical world. MJ is really supporting this venture of the blog, not once has he pointed out flaws or faults or even said it’s silly. I’m so delighted to hear that and it really motivates me more as I now have the knowledge of his support behind me. I’m truly blessed.  

So here's to the future of this blog and to my future too, cheers to a happy and creative one.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Cupcake Class

Cupcakes Part 2 started tonight and we are doing themed cupcakes this round. Tonight's was five Easter cupcakes and one Christmas cupcake.

They look fantastic and taste great too.

We mainly used buttercream tonight and melted chocolate too.

This one is my favourite, the bunny rabbit. The ears are made from a white marshmallows cut in half and the sticky side pressed into raspberry jelly crystals. The nose is a pink jelly bean, the eyes are choc chips and the teeth are white mini marshmallow's. So cute.

Cute little chicken with yellow buttercream and black icing with a chocolate mouth.

Another little chicken still with yellow buttercream and black icing but we learnt a new technique of flooding with coloured melted white chocolate. It was so fun to use and so easy to.

Green buttercream this time using a multi star tip sometimes called grass or hair tip and just 3 small jellybeans to look like eggs. It was suggested you could put foiled eggs in there or use chocolate buttercream and speckled eggs and it looks like a nest. Very cute.

Multi tip used again with the green buttercream and fondant flowers and a fondant butterfly sadly my butterfly broke but the teacher was nice and gave me her one. Which looks a lot better then my sad broken one.

The broken butterfly - poor thing

The last one is the Christmas cupcake. Vanilla buttercream piped with a large star tip. A 5mm thick fondant star on top and small silver balls. So pretty and dainty. The teacher suggested make a bigger star and let it dry and then with writing icing write each persons name on it so it's like the place card for the dinner table - what an awesome idea. I'm really thinking of doing this one.

Next week we are making Halloween cupcakes and another Christmas cupcake.

Day 13 - Where I Slept

Monday, 12 November 2012

Weekend Roundup

Another weekend over and the new week as already started. Back to work for the week today and it was so much fun (NOT) sitting in 20.5 degree under a blowing air-con. Oh well the joys of being a casual.

Anyway no need to as dwell this weekend was great. Much done and much fun had. Friday was spent babysitting my 3 year old nephew and 9 month old niece. They are a classic those two so much fun. My nephew wanted to make gingerbread men. He had to help with every aspect of course and it took 3 times longer then it should have but it was worth it as he had a ball and yes I did too. We made more gingerbread candy canes then men as that's what he picked out and keep saying candy canes candy canes. Funny kid. On Saturday when we dropped some boxes over to them we were taught the moves of Gangham Style. My nephew loves that dance, they are performing it a pre-school for their end of year concert.

Saturday was spent finally getting into my craft room and giving that a good sort out. I've got here a before shot of the room and hopefully in a few days there will be a nice after shot as I'm still sorting bits of it out. But I'm so excited for it to be all up and functional.

Saturday night was the ballet at the Sydney Opera House. I took MJ's mum with me. MJ wanted to come with me but it landed on the same night as Sydney FC vs Melbourne Victory and I told him go to the soccer I'll take your mum instead and she loved it. It was 3 ballets in one - "The Display", "Gemini" and "Beyond Twelve". Great pieces and superb dancing. Just amazing talent.

Sunday was another craft party at my mum's place by Kazzaz. This time it was Christmas cards. They turned out great. Just a few more to add to my growing pile of handmade cards.

The rest of Sunday was spent tidying up again and I cooked my first roast dinner for the new place and I was very happy with the oven and the fact I could finally cook again properly after 6 months of no oven.

Very happy Cupcakes Part 2 is going ahead tomorrow night and wasn't cancelled at the last minute. There is only going to be 4 in the class and there is meant to be 5 people or they cancel it but they have decided not to cancel this time - YEAH!!!! Very excited, so another 4 weeks of cupcake classes. Woo Hoo!!!!

I decided to experiment with dinner tonight with a twist on a one of my old standbys - tomato chicken. It's just tomato soup mixed with a packet of french onion soup mix and poured over chicken legs and baked. Well I've found out the hard way I can't have french onion soup mix thanks to our good friend 621 (MSG) but I love the flavour the tomato soup gives the chicken. So I experimented with using a tablespoon of gluten-free plain flour instead and drum roll please............ yeah it worked and tastes the same. So now I'll just have to try it with my other two stand-bys honey baked chicken and apricot chicken and test them out.

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