Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Day 31 - Whatever you please

My free dinner on Halloween - thank you dad.
Yummy lamb shanks, not bad for only $7.50.

Well that was the last day of Photo a Day for October. Tomorrow marks the beginning of Photo a Day for November. I'm really enjoying doing these challenges as it's making me get my camera out a lot more even if it's only for mundane things but I'm trying to make the mundane that little bit more interesting, plus it makes you stop and think and remember the little things too.

Here's the link for Photo a Day for November from Fat Mum Slim's website -
Join in if you want to, ít quite fun.


Last night's class was so much fun again. We made a polar bear, 2 bees, a ladybug and a fish - the fish was my favourite. The fish does have a tail it's just the fondant wasn't dry due to being a warm night so my fishie has a floppy tail.

I learnt some new techniques - how to use a star nozzle on the piping bag, how to make marbled icing (see on of the bees) which is quite easy - you just get 2 different coloured fondant icing and cut them into strips and place them together and roll.

They turned out awesome (well to me they did anyway), but I just had to laugh I got there thinking yeah got everything, walked in and saw a lady pulling out her fondant icing and thought darn it I forgot my icing. Thankfully the lady was really nice and lent me some of her fondant, she didn't mind as she had the wrong icing the first night and someone lent her some so she saw it as giving back. How sweet!

Next week is the last week of Part 1 and we will be making Christmas cupcakes - very excited about that. I'm hoping to use one the techniques for my family Christmas this year.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Day 30 - Clothes

As you can see our clothes are still everywhere we are slowly getting them sorted out but by the time we come home from work we're just too tired to care.

Weekend Roundup

Well on Sunday we completed the final moving and now all the boxes, furniture etc are in the new place. We cleaned up the old place and gave back the keys on Monday so WOO HOO!!! We are now done with that place altogether, well in a week when the bond comes back.
Sunday afternoon was spent trying to make some order of the chaos that was around us. I did do some important things though. I sorted out the pantry and now have 3 shelves dedicated to baking food, plus I have enough cupboard space to be able to dedicate a whole one to baking. It’s so pretty. I know I know, but I just love my baking.

I bought MJ a house-warming present – Angry Birds cookie jar (Big W) and it was filled with Angry Birds character cookies, so much fun. We’ll have to save one for my 3 year old nephew who loves Angry Birds (mainly cause he wants to be like Uncle MJ).
We were so tired on Sunday I’m not sure how we even drove back to the new place our eyes were so heavy. MJ was due to go to watch Sydney FC in the soccer and even he declined as he was just too far gone, so instead he just sat and watched it at home, he didn’t want to wreak himself for the week of work ahead (except he did get in trouble from one of his friends for being a no show for not putting soccer first but MJ was just thought there is more to life than sport).

Yesterday I got to try baking in my own kitchen, I was so excited to be able to do so for the first time in 6 months. It was a success, the oven works but it was hotter than I thought and I slight caught some of the cupcakes, thankfully they are only practice ones for the class that’s on tonight.

Mischa has been trying to adjust, she’s more happier when both of us are at home and she then seems to relax too. Hopefully soon she’ll get into the swing of things, but it’s quite funny watching her sometimes when she runs cause since the whole house is floor boarded she can’t always put her brakes on right and slides right across the floor.


I signed up to Part 2 of the cupcake class starting straight away after this course so very excited about that hopefully it gets the numbers and isn’t cancelled.

Anyway I better run and get ready for class tonight. As I start to get settled and set up in our new place I want to do some creative and cooking posts and how-tos as well as highlighting some important issues and helping give back to others plus just general tidbits and fun things. So exciting!!!!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Day 29 - Moon

This is the best I could get with my little camera, but it makes the moon looks kinda spooky, which fits well for this Wednesday!!!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Day 28 - Looking Back

Looking back over the last 6 months of hell with this house and sickness, study, exams and life in general, we still remain together throughout it all!!!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Moving and Weddings

Yeah it will be our first night tonight in our new house. It's a mess but it's a bed and somewhere to put my head down.

What a day!!!! We were up at 6:30am to get ready and pick up the ute. My first load after that was to get all the fridge and freezer food over to mum's to keep cold. Plus I took over little Mischa so she wouldn't get hurt will the boys moving the furniture.

Thank goodness once again for family. MJ's brother and father were great help today and 2 of my brothers helped also. If we didn't have family today we would have been in trouble.

The TV was safe when I moved it over in my car - teddy had a good hold of it.

I had a wedding ceremony to go to at 1:30pm. So had to make sure I was back in time and showered/shaved and all pretty to go. I love this dress I wore so summery and yellow.

The wedding was gorgeous. The bride looked amazing and the afternoon tea was splendid. It was a really happy occasion.

My break didn't last long it was back to moving at 4pm. We did one more car trip each and then I went and collected the food from mum plus Mischa and I called it a night with a Red Rooster roast chicken dinner and chocolate, while MJ had a work dinner to go to at a fancy resturanat.

Well only tomorrow left of cleaning up the old place and moving the pantry items and we are done and dusted with that place but then the fun starts of tidying up the new place.

Mischa is slowly getting use to the idea of having been moved, right now she is checking the place out and wailing at the top of her lungs - brat!!!!

Once I get this place up and running and get my creative space and kitchen sorted I'll finally be able to create again and cook. Woo hoo!!!

Day 27 - Morning

Well today is the last morning from this house from tonight we'll be sleep at new house. Excited!!!!! But I will this this view though from our window but won't miss the house!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Charity Morning Tea

It was MJ's work's Breast Cancer charity morning tea today and my cupcakes were a hit. His boss took one mouthful and "Oh yum" were the next words out of her mouth. So Yeah!!!! That made me one very happy little girl. Everyone who ate a cupcake was delighted and I was delighted to knowing that I was helping out MJ's image at work and helping out a good cause, raising valuable funds for Breast Cancer.

MJ's company today raised a total of $173.30 for Pink Ribbon - how wonderful is that. It's a shocking condition Breast Cancer and with statistics of 1 in 9 women in Australia will develop Breast Cancer every little dollar counts.

Well done today everyone that helped out - good on ya!

Day 26 - Listening to....

Listening to..... Silence because dinner was ready. Our first dinner in our new place. All the furniture moves over tomorrow so only one sleep left till we are officially at the new place.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Charity Cupcakes

It's been a long long day. It started this morning with an ingredient drop off at my mother's house as my oven doesn't work. So that was left there and it was time to head off to monthly cardmaking at the scrapbook store. It was Christmas cards again - yeah!!! Today we made 8 mini cards and they turned out wonderful - well wonderful after I had to buy another piece of card cause I cut the first piece of card wrong (silly girl).

Class finished at 1pm so it was time to head back to mum's and get cracking on cooking those cupcakes. I used a trick I learn at cupcake class, use an ice-cream scoop (leveled) for the mixture to make sure every cupcake case has the same amount of cake mix, so that way all your cupcake turn out the same size (very clever idea). The idea work, well not on about 4 of them but I did forget to level those ones.

Once baking was done, I had to sit and wait for them to cool off, so it was a nice time to just chat with mum and hang out. By the time the cakes cooled it was near 5pm so I borrowed mum's mixmaster (cause it's better than mine) and whipped up a batch of buttercream at home.

The original thought was to pipe the buttercream with a star nozzle, well I slightly overfilled the piping bag and it exploded. So lesson all, don't overload your piping bags, you lose good piping bags that way.

So with my bag busted I need a new approach so out came the good old kitchen butter knife. So I carefully spread the buttercream nice and smooth on top and sprinkled away with pink ribbon sprinkle mix and I'm impressed I think they turned out quite well indeed. My husband ate one of the practice ones and it pass the test with a very big nod and smile.

So the cupcakes are all ready and packed to head off to the charity morning tea tomorrow at MJ's work. Let's hope the clients and business people like them and MJ's boss too.

Day 25 - People

Well Lego people in my house!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Wonderful Surprise

I got a wonderful surprise tonight. Last year I was short listed in our local council's photography competition, so I thought I would enter again this year. So I sent in 2 photos I had taken around the area and once again I was short listed - wow. I didn't know I was until I turned up to the Awards night tonight. I didn't win but my photos were on display in the gallery. So excited!!!!

It's something I want to do is get my photos out there more and this is a step in that direction.


Day 24 - Weather

Today's was wonderful not a cloud in the sky!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Cupcakes after

Well tonight's class was great. We made ribbon roses and made flowers and leaves also. We practiced piping with buttercream again - my buttercream wasn't was fluffy as everyone else's I needed to re-whip it before class. Oh well I'll make sure I do that next week. The ribbon roses were fun to make just working out how to hold the fondant was the tricky part. The flowers were super easy just roll the fondant thin and push out the flowers and leaves with a cutter - how simple is that. Next week we will make a butterfly, polar bear and a ladybug.

Cupcakes Before

Cupcakes before tonight's cupcake class - much bigger this week. I used butter this time not margarine. Better result.
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