Saturday, 24 December 2011

Day Twenty One thru to Day Twenty Eight

Day Twenty-One: Gratitude: I took this picture as I was very thankful to my feet for getting me home after the work Christmas party as the poor things had to trek it all across the city to get to the train station and they were hurting.

Day Twenty-Two: Alarm Clock: She may look quiet now but when she wants to be fed she is very alarming (haaa get it)!!!!

Day Twenty-Three: Creativity: I'll admit this now this photo wasn't taken on day Twenty-Three it was taken on day Twenty-Five (my birthday) but I am very proud of decorating my cake and I think it is very creative indeed!!! I know I know I should grow up as I did turn 27 but stuff it I like being a kid and I am going to keep doing it forever!!!

Day Twenty-Four: Favourite Object: Being Christmas and all I thought I would take a photo of my favourite Christmas object. I bought this wooden Santa in Prague last year and I think he is amazing. He is a one of those Santas that comes with more Santas inside him. I love him, he is all hand painted and each Santa is painted different to the last Santa.

Day Twenty-Five: Conversation: I decided on this photo as it communicates welcome to all guests that visit our home.

Day Twenty-Six: List: This was my Christmas to do list for Christmas Eve Eve. As you can see I got most of it done, very proud!!!!

Day Twenty-Seven: Weather: This isn't yesterdays weather it's today's Christmas Eve's weather as it's a lot nice than the torrents of rain we had yesterday. Maybe summer is finally here????

Day Twenty-Eight: Your Desk: This is my workspace (craft) desk. It's full at the moment with Birthday and Christmas Cards, it will have to wait to be cleaned up as I just don't have the time.


Hi, sorry I've been gone for a week now. There is a good reason. I didn't get to do last Saturday's (17th) because I was at my work Christmas party so I thought I'll sit down on Sunday and do two entries. Well that wasn't to be the case as our internet had run out of credit and our internet company couldn't update us as their system was down and down it was for several days, it was only Thursday night we got back online and with Christmas food shopping and cooking I ran out of time yesterday, so I am back and here are the photos I have missed.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy and have lots and lots of fun!!!!


Friday, 16 December 2011

Day Twenty - Landscape

Well this technically isn't a landscape as such but it is the landscape of my room after a very hetic day of food shopping and Christmas shopping, oh my gosh people are nutters at this time of year. I came home and flaked, I didn't clean up a thing till about 2 hrs later when I had rested a little. Well it's all done now, I am normally done with Christmas shopping by this time but I had just a few little things to get and it was an effort but I got them. Good luck with all your Christmas shopping.

Tomorrow's photo - Gratitude.



Thursday, 15 December 2011

Day Nineteen - Hands

Hands - These are the hands of my mother and 2 1/2 year old nephew making my brother christmas pudding together today. He was having so much fun putting the sixspences in the pudding and then helping Grandma put the mixutre into the steamer bowl. It was so nice to watch and be a part of. He is so cute. It's a tradition in our family every year to make this pudding (my brother's recipe) and each one of us puts a sixspence in, gives it a stir and make a wish. It's so wonderful to have traditions to do every year.

Tomorrow's photo Landscape.



Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Day Eighteen - Journey to Work

Journey to work - well I couldn't really take photos of driving to work as there are no traffic lights to stop at and take a snap and it's a main road so it would have been very difficult. So I thought how do I start my journey to work - with my car keys. It's the only way to get to work and thankfully it's only a 10 minute one at that.

I think I have done better than last night's photo with this one, so maybe I'm getting back there. I'm still not 100% well but I'm glad I put a bit more effort into this one.

Tomorrow's photo - Hands



Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Day Seventeen - Favourite Beverage

It's only water - I know it's not much but it is my favourite drink. Nothing beats a cold glass of water on a hot day, or when your throat hurts or when you just feel crap. I get very thristy most days, mainly at work (stupid air-con) I drink so much of the stuff - well at least it's something healthy.

Tomorrow's photo - Journey to work. I need to get more creative with my photos I was disappointed in this one but I'm not feeling the best today, feeling quite off. Tomorrow I'll do better.

See you


Monday, 12 December 2011

Day Sixteen - In your fridge

Well this was in my fridge only minutes before I took the photo. Yummy yummy orange juice - the best kind of juice there is, nothing else compares to it.

I wasn't sure what to photograph for this one and then I realised I was drinking a drink from the fridge so bingo!!!

Tomorrow's photo - Favourite Beverage (this one could almost be used again as it is one of my favourite drinks to drink but there is another one).

Till then


Day Fifteen - Technology

Technology - I'm a little behind in that department. My husband does own an Iphone and I do use that to play games etc but my technology is a little lacking. But my trusty Nokia is a great little phone and only costs me $15 every four/five months instead of $55 a month (Iphone). I only need to send SMS and make a SOS call every now and then. I'm happy with my technology as if it gets stole its cheap and easy to replace. I do own a ipod but it's an older model, but it serves me well.

I sometimes think there is too much technology in the world and it doesn't serve us well it only makes us all anti-social, but the technology that is good for the world is one they work on to save lives and help fix cancers and diseases and let blind people see, NOW that's technology.

Tomorrow's photos (or later today as it is 7:30am and I was too tired to post this last night). is in your fridge.

See you


Saturday, 10 December 2011

Day Fourteen - Purchased

Day Fourteen - Purchased.

Well I purchased this today, it's a beautiful glass Santa dish for only $1 at the Salvo's store. I bought two the same and a lovely angel one as well. I think they will look wonderful on the table filled with chocolates and nuts and lollies on the big day.

I love Christmas time as there are so many pretty things around and it's great when you can get some at a great price - only a $1 I still can't believe it.

Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season.

Tomorrow - Technology.



Friday, 9 December 2011

Day Thirteen - Your Front Door

Your front door - it's a very ordinary thing but a very important thing, it's something you use everyday without even realising it. So it was time to show it some respect.

We have curtins on our front door as we live in a little studio apartment and during winter the cold wind comes through the cracks and it was bitter cold, so with the help of some beautiful curtins from the Salvo's store we were a lot warmer.

I love how the colours from the television are shining on the door it helps illuminate it, so thank you "So you think you can dance" (love that show).

So this is a thank you to our trusty front door that helps keep the seasons out and keep us safe inside and protects us from the outside world. Thank you.

Tomorrow's photo - Purchased.



Thursday, 8 December 2011

Day Twelve - Someone you love

Someone you love - That someone is my darling kitty cat Mischa. I found this Christmas hat when putting up our Christmas tree on Saturday and tonight she was sitting on our bed and my husband just had to see if it fitted her. Doesn't she look cute. I'm actually quite impressed she didn't move or flinch with it on as normally she hates things on her head but this time she just sat there with patience thinking "you people suck". The things we do to our pets that we call love. She has forgiven us for as we speak she is sitting on the computer desk watching me type but really she is just waiting to be feed.

Tomorrow's photo - your front door.



Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Day Eleven - Favourite Colour

Day Eleven - Favourite Colour.

Purple is one the colours I like the best, and this purple pony I found at the local Vinnies store for only $5 is just fully of fun purpleness!!! Love at first sight it was.

I'm really enjoying taking all these different photos each day, it really making me use my camera again and really trying think about what to photograph for each theme of the day.

Tomorrow's theme is Someone you love.

I can't believe I'm already eleven days in and still going I'm proud of myself - Well Done!!!!

See you later


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Day Ten - View from your window

This is the view from my lounge room window. It's so pretty, I love looking out, especially when there are birds swimming in the bird bath, it's so peaceful. Our cat loves the window too.

Tomorrow's photo - Favourite colour.



Monday, 5 December 2011

Day Nine - Shoes

Shoes!!!!! I saw these in Amsterdam last year and loved them, I know you can't wear them, well my fingers can but they were so pretty I just had to buy them. My little Holland shoes.

My house is now all ready for Christmas with the tree and decorations up, these shoes are sitting underneath the tree. It's feeling more like Christmas now, only 21 sleeps to go!!! Exciting!!!!

Tomorrow's photo - View from your window!!!

Good night


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Day Eight - Morning Routine

My Morning Routine - Well there isn't much to it. Just wash my face with water, dry, lotion and brush my teeth.

I took this photo on an angle, I like taking photos like that as it adds a whole new view to the world.

Hope you are all well on this raining and cold Sunday and are enjoying a nice warm dinner.

Day Nine tomorrow - Shoes.

See ya.


Saturday, 3 December 2011

Day Seven - Self Portrait

Day Seven - Self Portrait,

Today's one was a tough one, I didn't want to put a photo of myself on here so I thought maybe take a photo of something that represents me and I couldn't think of anything. So I've taken a picture of a blank piece of paper as I'm not really sure who I am or what I represent. So this is all I have until I can think of who or what I am.

Good evening. Day Eight tomorrow - Morning Routine.


Friday, 2 December 2011

Day Six - Breakfast

Breakfast Time - The most important meal of the day!!!!

This is my typical breakfast, museli with soy milk, a banana (when we can afford them) and a glass of water. Yummy!!!!

There isn't much you can say about a breakfast photo, so tomorrows photo is 'Self Portrait'.

See you then.


Thursday, 1 December 2011

Day Five - Your Handwriting


Day Four - Your handwriting.

I was wondering what I was going to take a photo of as I don't really write that much, and I was thinking all this while WRITING my shopping list (how ironic).

I quite like my handwriting including the little circles on top of the i. I think my writing has a childlike quality to it, which is nice.

It's sad that writing is a dying art form, I think it should come back, so I am going to try and write more, may it be in letter form or even more diary entries, just to keep it going.

Have a great night.

Day Six tomorrow - 'Breakfast'


Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Day Four - The Sky

G'day, it's Wednesday, woo hoo!!!! The end of my working week, I love only working three days it's so nice.

Today's theme is The Sky. Well where I am it was a grey old day. I took this at about 5:15pm and it had just started spitting rain, you can't see it in the photo. The sky looked a little boring being all just the one colour so I thought I would make it more interesting by shooting it up through the flowers just outside my front door, makes it look more colourful I think.

I'm really enjoying making time for this challenge everyday, it's something to look forward to doing.

Anyway I better get going, it's getting late.

Tomorrow - Your Handwriting, this one will be good I haven't written anything for awhile.



Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Day Three - What You're Reading

Good Evening,

It's day three - what you're reading.

I'm reading Nature and Health Magazine, it's an older copy as I hadn't read this one before the new one came and I read the new one before this one. I really like this magazine, it is full of great tips and articles about health that are achievable too. I'm subscribe so it comes straight to my letterbox every two months, well worth it. I take it to work and read it during my lunch break, it's easier than a book to read in 30 mintues.

As you can see there is a set of reading glasses in the photo, I need them just for computer work and reading, have done since I was in year two.

I'm impressed with myself I have done the first three days in a row and haven't missed one yet, woo hoo!!! Tomorrows photo is "The Sky". That should be a really nice one to do, I'll fit it in before going to dinner with some friends.

Anyway have a good night.


Monday, 28 November 2011

Day Two - My Closet

Hi there,

How's everyone's day? I'm very tired from work but pushing through.

It's day two and that means clothes time. This is a picture of some of my clothes. Like most girls I have heaps and more than enough but is there ever more than enough? As you can see I love colour, what's life without some colour?

I took this photo on a slow shutter speed and it blurred a little but I think it adds to it.

Day three tomorrow - what you're reading

Have a good night.



Sunday, 27 November 2011

Day One - Where you sleep

It's Day One and I've already done my first challenge - where you sleep.

This photo is as you can see is my bed, I know it's looks a little crowded but it's cozy. 

The photo on the wall is one I took in Nice (France) last year on a holiday, my husband got in enlarged on canvas for me as a Christmas present last year. The pretty little rag doll I've had since I was 6 months old so she's 26 years old now - still love her just as much as I did then.

I've done the photo in black and white as I wanted to play around with some of the setting on my camera, I love playing around and seeing what type of shots I can get out of it.

Well one day down and 29 to go.

Tomorrow - my closet, that's going to be lots of fun.

Till then - have fun.


Saturday, 26 November 2011

Welcome - My first post

Welcome, this is my first ever post. I've never written a blog before, I've read plenty of them and I thought maybe I should write one, but always wondered what would I write about. I saw the other day a 30 day photo challenge and I thought "That's it" that's what I'll write a blog about - 30 day challenges. I'm going to start off with the 30 day photo challenge and then complete other challenges after that. Hopefully this will keep me motivated and bring a smile to my face (30 days of smiles).

I'll take my first photo tomorrow and Day One is a photo of where you sleep.

So wish me luck on my first challenge and see how we go.

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